Curling Leagues


Leagues begin on Tuesday, October 10


  • Ladies League @6:15pm
  • Super League (runs from October – December) @8:45pm
  • Oil League (runs from January – March) @8:45pm



  • Ladies League @6:30pm
  • Mixed Doubles @9:00pm
  • Progressive League @8:00pm (October – December)



  • Open League @6:15 (Alternating with Mixed League time)
  • Mixed League @8:45 (alternating with Open League time)



  • Men’s League @6:15 (alternating with Open League)
  • Open League @8:45pm (alternating with Men’s League)
    • The Open League has an option to play half seasons.  You can choose to play October – December, January – March, or both!


Send us an email if you have any questions or would like to sign up