COVID-19 Rules & Regulations

Golfers can book and pay by calling 306-825-5494 up to a maximum of seven days in advance. Upon booking, customer will receive an email with guidelines. Walk-on golfers will not be permitted. 

Please follow the rules to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

  1. Physical distancing must be observed at all times, with a minimum of 2 metres from playing partners and employees 
  2. Players exhibiting signs of illness will not be permitted to play. 
  3. All players must have a tee timeno walk-on players will be permitted. 
  4. A maximum of four players per group is permitted. 
  5. Tee times will be spaced out and staggered to avoid congestion on the course. 
  6. Limit of one person per golf cart, unless the occupants reside in the same household. 
  7. Washrooms at the clubhouse will be sanitized regularly, with only one individual allowed at a time. There are no washrooms available on the course. 
  8. Do not touch anything that is not your equipment including golf balls, tees, flag or flagpole, etc. 
  9. As a courtesy to our workers, please pick up all garbage including tees even if broken. 
  10. No golf carts are permitted in the parking lot. 
  11. “Playing through” the group ahead is not permissible. Please keep your pace. 

Any player not following the rules will be removed from the golf course without refund.